Oh No! Look Out Below! Pure Gaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

Anyone else see Spartacus on Crimewatch last night? Looks like Glaber is getting desperate!

Anyone else see Spartacus on Crimewatch last night? Looks like Glaber is getting desperate!

Most likely, unless your old man has taught you, you have no clue how beer is prepared. This is how real beer is made.

2012 Movies

Probably the best of what’s to come, or already been released, this year:


The Dark Knight Rises

Avengers Assemble


Men In Black III

The Dictator




Safe House



The Hobbit


The Woman In Black

Abraham Lincoln: Vampie Hunter

Resident Evil: Retribution

Dark Shadows


Total Recall


The Bourne Legacy

Anyone else notice this on X-Factor tonight? The way the competition announcer read the option was hilarious! “Only girl in the…Kitchen!..”

Anyone else notice this on X-Factor tonight? The way the competition announcer read the option was hilarious! “Only girl in the…Kitchen!..”

Hi! Here have $15.8 million…

Do they even put effort in to these Internet phishing scams any more? Today I received this one:

Peace be upon you,

For your kind attention, i will be very glad if you do assist me to relocate a sum of  (US$39.5Million) to your personal bank account for the benefit of both of us.

This is a genuine business transaction, only that i can not operate it alone without using a Foreigner as required in my bank law, there fore i am contacting you to stand before my bank as the beneficiary next of kin of this fund, that is my reason of contacting you in this manner to assist me actualize this better opportunity, also to share the benefit together with me.

You will be entitled to have 40% of this fund as a foreign partner,since you will provide a bank account where this money will be transferred to,while 60% will be for me, by indicating your interest on assurance of trust, i will send you the full details and how this business will be executed.

Please keep this proposal as a top secret between both of us because the secret of this transaction is as well as the success of it, and if you are really sure of your integrity, trustworthy and confidentiality reply back to me immediately to prove your integrity, And if you are not interested about this business delete it immediately in your email box.

I will be looking forward for your urgent response.  ( kindo_sawadogo@hotmail.com )
Regards, in sincerity,

Mr Kindo Sawadogo.

Surely Kindo knows he has to try harder than this… reminds of George Agdgdgwngo from Fonejacker!

Is technology required in football? (click here for link)

This site was brought to my attention via Talksport. Keys and Gray had a journalist called Tim Long on as a guest. Before anyone begins to claim the author of the article is an Arsenal fan, Tim Long actually supports Manchester United. His aim with this research is to promote the use of technology in football.

There are only two reasons I can see for technology not to be accommodated in to the modern game:

  • The time taken to review an incident would disrupt the flow of the game
  • Technology can not be implemented in the non televised and lower league games

The first is a point of concern, however it is worth noting that many key incidents occur in or around a break in play. To review an incident will only take 30-60s with the use of replays. There are more natural breaks in play than we think. Also, with any sport with technology used to review incidents, if the outcome is undetermined after review, the initial decision stands.

The second point is less valid in my opinion. No offence to the lower leagues, but the games are really not as important. Fans who pay premium prices to see their premier league clubs play matches do not want to feel “cheated” out of their money. In the 2010-2011 season Birmingham and Blackpool could well have stayed up if key decisions had been called correct. For a premier league team these resulting factors are very much more significant than for lower league teams. Birmingham and Blackpool have suffered financially, plus on top, players have asked to leave in order to join other clubs to play premier league football.

The following table is based on the possible total effect of points on teams in the 2010-2011 season based on the key incidents being called wrongly:


It is worth noting that this table is the possible outcome, as of course, had penalties been awarded, it is still possible they would have been saved or missed. It is not possible to determine the outcome of a game had a decision been changed, however had they been significant, the table would stand.

Premier League Dream Team

Ultimate 11

If I could have an ideal team to field every week in the premier league, regardless of injuries, I would choose the following team:


The central midfield position is where, I believe, the most controversial choices are. 

My choice could however change in the next 24 hours or so as the transfer deadline is at 11pm!

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without

DIamond planet

Diamond Planet

Newly found, scientists believe it to be composed of carbon crystalline, it is effectively a large diamond.

The problem with this planet is it is too far away, more precisely 4,000 light years away!

It would not be realistic for us to attempt a mission to visit this planet:

Current spacecraft such as the Voyager II can achieve a maximum speed of approximately 16km/s. If Voyager II was to attempt the journey from earth to the diamond planet, in one year it would cover a distance of approximately 500,000,000,000 metres.

A light year is precisely 9,460,730,472,580,800 metres. Voyager II would take just under 19000 years to cover a light year! Unfortunately the Voyager II is powered by a quantity of Plutonium 238 that will run out in 8,000 years.

The entire 4,000 light year journey would take 76 million years…

Our species has been in it’s current existing form for 200,000 years. To travel to the diamond planet would require a timeline 380 times our current existence!

The Cassowary

Flying ninja kick!!!

Why you shouldn’t mess with this bird:

  1. It has killed the most human beings out of any bird species
  2. #3 tallest, #2 heaviest but #1 most aggressive bird
  3. They will kill you for getting near their berry bushes, those berries are not yours!
  4. They train via Van Damme techniques conveyed in this video: http://youtu.be/T0wsiLWLQLU